Sunday, August 21, 2016

Interim Project

After the socks I decided I would make a couple of cute little matching cabled sweaters for a couple of babies I know. The project was off to a rocky start. I knew what pattern I wanted to make, having made it twice before, always with a great reception. I headed to Ravelry and made a search and found which magazine it had appeared in and turned to my magazines and... nothing. Granted, the magazine it appeared in was a one-off publication by Better Homes & Gardens and... oh... a decade old? But I have plenty of magazines that old and older. I searched and searched and came up empty.

So back to Ravelry I went. You know when you fall down a Ravelry rabbithole and you think it'll be so easy because you want something so specific but then it's three hours later and you've looked at hundreds of patterns and added ten to your queue and just can't stop hitting "next?" That. And then I found the perfectly lovely Timberline by Sarah Cooke and I was saved.

I went to my stash and discovered to my disbelief and chagrin... I didn't have any DK weight superwash in enough yardage or an appropriate color. Like with the missing magazine, I checked several times before finally admitting to myself that I needed to buy yarn. (I know you're totally sympathizing with me right now.) The point is, since I've yet to find a yarn store local to me, I had to order the yarn and because I had to order it I had to wait to start. Enter the humble ballband dishrag. I love making these but don't usually use them for their intended purpose since I find they're bad at lathering dish soap and are horrible at wiping up spills. So I just use them as a trivet, and like to admire the bright colors. This is the one printed in Mason Dixon Knitting which I believe is just the one from the Peaches and Cream ballband, I didn't compare to make sure.

The good news is my new yarn came! The bad news is I somehow don't have any US6 dpns??? Swear to god, if you looked up "hot mess" in a stitch dictionary you'd find a fair isle design of my face.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Go Know!

I HAVE posted this year! Well get a load of me. I've been revising my novel and getting ready to go BACK to school (again!) for an accounting certificate AND moved to a totally new area of metro Boston (with a certain someone) AND!

I finished these socks.

Feather Lace Socks 5

I do not even remember when I started these and Ravelry is no help because not only did I not enter a start date, I never even took a single progress picture. One might think I don't even knit any more.

These are Feather Lace Socks by Rosemary Falk, a free pattern! I clearly remember finding this pattern because I wanted some socks that were toe-up and lacy and look how perfectly these fill the bill.

Feather Lace Socks 3

The yarn is Schoeller+Stahl Fortissima Socka, which is discontinued. I can't fathom why, as it's a very standard, workhorse-y sock yarn that seems like it'd never go out of style. I love this shade of green, so prevalent right now in lush August. When I wear these socks in February though, I'll appreciate that promise of green to come (let's not speak of the disgusting heat though). Nothing like modeling wool socks in August.

Feather Lace Socks 4

Never mind that wound on my leg. About a year ago I bought a bicycle that I've been using as my commuter transport since I moved in June. I actually bought it for commuting, but after a few months of nearly dying every day on my way between Allston and Somerville, I threw in the towel. My new route is 95% bike path but you better believe that other 5% does not encourage complacency. Just a little mishap, and I'm used to constantly bruised legs now.

I'm feeling some invisible pressure to finish revising my novel what with a new program starting, but I do have it in my mind to make THREE baby sweaters. I owe two to babies who recently turned one, and there's another coming in October. I purposely looked for patterns using DK weight yarn to ensure speed. Can you believe I had to actually order DK weight superwash??? I checked my whole stash twice and came up empty. Ah well... never hurts to buy more yarn!