Sunday, October 21, 2012


Why hello there! And how are you? Let me just move some things... there, have a seat. Time sure does fly, doesn't it? I had actually thought when I started school that I would have more time to knit, fewer distractions. Sure, right. The last couple of years have been a whirlwind. I feel like I just got started and now here I am, halfway through the first semester of my final year. It's exciting, overwhelming, scary, and just a taste of what I'm going to feel like when I turn in my thesis.
Anyway, there has been knitting! Very slow knitting. Inexcusably slow knitting. But knitting, nonetheless.

I made a blob! Isn't it pretty? Just like the autumn sky. But seriously,

I made a bag! Ever since I bought this yarn (in what feels like 1947 but was probably more like 2007) I knew I wanted to make a string bag with it. When I go food shopping, I always bring my trusty Boat and Tote, but I've been wanting to have a bag that could fold up even smaller, especially now that I pass so many farmer's markets. It'll be nice not to have to turn down a handsome squash because it won't fit in my backpack and I don't want to carry it like a baby all the way home. The yarn is Plymouth Yarn's Fantasy Naturelle in color 9415. There are approximately one million string bag patterns out there. I used this one by Erin Vaughan (also available on ravelry, bien sur).
Buoyed by this recent accomplishment, I ripped out an entire cuff of a sock I casted on for forever ago, and have settled instead on making Denmark. Here's hoping I finish them before graduation!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Hey, Guess What?!

I'm still knitting! I hold out hope that one day I will have a grown up job, read only books I want to read, and will be able to spend hours on the weekend knotting yarn into endless loops, creating things I can actually wear. It's true, I found myself the other day contemplating buying a hat. Yes, friends. It's gotten this bad.

BUT! I did finish something! It was weeks ago, in fact. And, if I a being completely honest... I made the sweater forever ago, just waiting for the right baby to be born to attach the buttons. My pre-requisites?
1. Cool parents. They had to be on board with this crazy colorway.
2. A boy. Yes, yes, it's heteronormative of me, I know. And I am suitably ashamed of myself. But with all these blues, this sweater just called out for a baby boy.
3. Parents who wouldn't feel put upon by (slightly) special washing instructions.

And the winners were Chris and Eva! They won this charming little morsel:

I've had the hardest time trying to edit the pictures I have of this wee thing to look right. It's Socks That Rock in the Marbles colorway, given to me by Amy one hundred years ago. I tried to make several things out of this yarn. I tried that feather and fan scarf using two shades of Socks That Rock that was all the rage, and Sidewinders. Both gave me tons of pooling, exactly what I was trying to avoid. But I ask you, fellow knitters, has Elizabeth Zimmermann ever led you astray?
Yes! I mean, no, no she hasn't! I mean... the answer to crazy pooling yarn is the amazingly wonderful Baby Surprise Jacket!
I've made this little jacket a couple of times, and it's now my go goto baby sweater. Fun, simple, a great use for fine, variegated yarn... what more can you ask for?! For my money, it doesn't get better than a gift of this little cardi with a pair of Saartje's Booties. Both projects are fun for knitters, yet impressive for the recipients. Win-win! Oh! And did I share with you a photo of Irie Rose enjoying her set?
So cute! Right?! I highly recommend this pattern, either individually or from the book. (And man, did I have a hard time finding that book online NOT from a huge chain. Buy from your LYS, okay?)
I'm almost done with a very exciting shopping bag! Stay tuned! Ha ha

Thursday, May 03, 2012


Okay so first of all, whoa! Really? My last post was February 28? I know this semester was crazy, but jeez. Secondly, I finished something!


I made a Baby Surprise Jacket (my third!) for my friend Ang's new baby Irie Rose. The thing about a BSJ is that you need two skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport (in this case, colorway "Bittersweet"), and you end up with a ton leftover. What to do?

Make booties! These are Saartje's Booties (rav link), which I've also made before, but come on! Look at them! So cute.
I've been dying to use this colorway ever since the first time I saw it, but could never find a way to use it. Irie's parents though are the perfect people for this bright, cheerful hue. And I loved knitting with it!
After I finally sewed on the final button, I tried my hand at crochet and yeah... still terrible. I have a friend who crochets so I'm hoping she can help me out some. This same friend I "taught" to knit, taught in quotations because it felt more like reminding a master of something they once did. I'm sure she's going to be a good teacher. WAY better than the crappy books/online tutorials I've tried. I don't know why I just can't get the hang of crochet, but even my little braid of single crochet (?) never looks right. Sigh. A the end of the program, please let me have a completed short story collection worthy of publication and the gift of crochet. I just want a gd blanket. Is that so much to ask?!
In other bloggy news, I've started a new blog for my writing endeavors. I'm hoping it'll help me land freelancing jobs. Turns out, I really like writing columns and book reviews! Check it out here!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Well Hello There!

So first I have to share my most exciting news. I'm published! It's official! My story is in the current issue of Scissors and Spackle, right here! It's available in print also, if you're into lit mags. I naturally bought five copies.

With that out of the way, here's the most exciting news for my fellow knitters. I finished something!


I made Linda Cyr's Bear Hat for an impending baby. I used Cascade 220 and a wee bit of Debbie Bliss Rialto.


I admit I had a moment with the ears, but I trusted the pattern et voila! They came out cute as can be. This would be a super speedy project if you're not, you know, a grad student.

I have a BSJ in progress, but the baby's not due until April so I'm not stressed out about it yet. This year is baby-centric. I also have friends with babies due in June and July. I'm not complaining. Babies are so easy to knit for!

In other news, I'm preparing to go to Charleston, SC in a couple of weeks for a writer's conference. Point the first: do NOT play chicken with the airlines. I mean it. Those guys are ruthless. I played around, waiting for a better deal, and now I'm spending over $200 more than I would have a month ago. Point the second: I am so excited to see Charleston! I've never been to the south, and South Carolina seems very southern. Any suggestions of must see sights?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Oh, hey!

I don't have any knitting photos to share, but rest assured, knitting has been happening. I spent Super Bowl Sunday with Amy, knitting and learning about football. Let me just say, I am so excited for next football season! The game was thrilling, and Amy did a superb job of explaining the game and provided delicious snacks! I made some good progress on my BSJ and started on Linda Cyr's Baby Bear Hat for another wee cherub due next month. Babies everywhere this year!

In other happenings, I apparently had a photo-worthy salad (I presume I was very hungry when I decided this was photo worthy):


See, the thing is, I'm on this diet/exercise thing. I've put on a lot of weight since starting school and I'm trying to reverse it.

I also did my first GRS (Graduate Reading Series) Reading ever!


I was completely terrified! My hands shook the entire time and I was pretty sure I was going to either cry or throw up but somehow I muddled through!

I have a random street picture too:


Just a random sunset photo.

Sometimes it hits me like a thunderbolt as I walk (endlessly) through the city: I live here. This is my home. It's exciting and terrifying in equal measure.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Days

I've been in a great mood since the start of the year, but I confess to feeling just a bit melancholy today. I went home this past weekend for an impromptu surprise birthday party and coming back was not easy.


The party was for my friend Courtney's fiance. We had a great time setting it up Friday and he was very surprised (partly because his birthday is actually Superbowl weekend). We spent Saturday laying around watching really bad tv, ordering Chinese takeout and talking about her impending nuptials. It's the simple visits like that which make me the most homesick.

In other news, I went to the New England Aquarium since I had a Living Social deal for it that I'd been carrying around for months. Zoos make me sad, but I love aquariums! Especially when they have beautiful jellyfish exhibits.



Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sometimes You Make Your Own Sun


I love this colorway! I've been waiting for a reason to use it and finally have the perfect excuse. I mean, a color this bright is made for babies!

Funny story: Last week I met with a friend to teach her how to knit. I was working away on my BSJ, constantly referring back to the pattern and worrying I was missing something. I was confused when I first pulled out the pattern and didn't see any notes (I always mark up my patterns), and as I worried over missing something I couldn't remember having so much trouble the first two times I knit it. Then it hit me in a flash of memory, my spreadsheet! Ah, sweet spreadsheet. Ever since I remembered that, this project has been chugging along.

I've been keeping up with picture taking. This one is my favorite of the week. It was taken on Charles Street. The window is street level and looks into a kitchen. I love walking by and seeing the chefs at work, but I'm usually too shy to take a photo because they're there. On this day, I must have come in the short period between lunch and dinner because they had this beautiful display, but the kitchen was empty.


Monday, January 09, 2012


So this year I more or less skipped making resolutions. I know the things I need to do more and less of, and it seems like these same items make the list year after year. I'm not spending next January 1 looking at a list of all the things I'd wished I'd have done. I do love the start of a new year though. It seems like the perfect time to begin a project, so I began two.
1. I compiled all of the work I want to use in my thesis into one document and started revisions.
2. I decided to get back on the horse with photo taking. I'm not talking Project 365. I never, ever complete that project, and I've tried at least three times. It's just too much pressure. So then I remembered there are some people who do Project 52 (I could have the name wrong), where they take pictures whenever throughout the week and choose a weekly favorite. That I can handle! Here's this week's haul of favorites.


This is the result of my first visit to the MFA for drawing in the galleries. I didn't realize it would be figure drawing, not my forte obviously, but I like the drawing I did of the purse belonging to the lady who sat beside me!


I love when the squirrels get all fat and fluffy in anticipation of winter.


And for my favorite of this week:

My friend's puppy, Lambeau!

In other news (and talk about burying the lede!), I got notice the other day that one of my stories will be appearing in the February issue of scissors and spackle magazine! It's my first publication and I am over the moon excited! All in all, I am having a tremendous start to 2012!

Monday, January 02, 2012

Best. Christmas. Ever.

So, remember how I said that my brother has been wanting a sweater for years now? About four? Well, I don't think I mentioned that for every Christmas for the last four years or so, he's made a big deal about how it looks like another year's gone by with no sweater and wah, wah, wah. Cue this year. I'm in the kitchen fixing dinner and I hear him call from the living room.
"Doesn't look like any sweater boxes this year again."
"Well Brandon, I am a student you know. It's not like I can just whip up a sweater real quick."
Then my dad, who knows I made the sweater, pipes up, "Yeah Brandon, it takes a long time to make a sweater you know."
My brother, chastised, chuckles and says he's kidding.

Little twerp opened it while I wasn't looking! I didn't get a picture of him opening it (or wearing it), but he immediately checked it for tags and only after feeling satisfied that the sweater was indeed handmade, he put it on and wore it the rest of the night! Success!

Oh, I should also mention that I finished weaving in the three million ends the night before going home. In a fit of delusion, I soaked the sweater at 11pm and casually laid it out in front of the heating vent in my room. So yeah. That was me lugging a soaking wet sweater in a grocery bag through North Station. Luckily, it was dry in time for Christmas.



I've not yet casted on for my next project but I know it's going to be a Baby Surprise Jacket using a superbright Lorna's Laces yarn I've always wanted to try (Bittersweet). I have a couple of other friends having babies this year, so my goal is to knit a little something for each of them. Wish me luck!