Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Well Hello There!

So first I have to share my most exciting news. I'm published! It's official! My story is in the current issue of Scissors and Spackle, right here! It's available in print also, if you're into lit mags. I naturally bought five copies.

With that out of the way, here's the most exciting news for my fellow knitters. I finished something!


I made Linda Cyr's Bear Hat for an impending baby. I used Cascade 220 and a wee bit of Debbie Bliss Rialto.


I admit I had a moment with the ears, but I trusted the pattern et voila! They came out cute as can be. This would be a super speedy project if you're not, you know, a grad student.

I have a BSJ in progress, but the baby's not due until April so I'm not stressed out about it yet. This year is baby-centric. I also have friends with babies due in June and July. I'm not complaining. Babies are so easy to knit for!

In other news, I'm preparing to go to Charleston, SC in a couple of weeks for a writer's conference. Point the first: do NOT play chicken with the airlines. I mean it. Those guys are ruthless. I played around, waiting for a better deal, and now I'm spending over $200 more than I would have a month ago. Point the second: I am so excited to see Charleston! I've never been to the south, and South Carolina seems very southern. Any suggestions of must see sights?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Oh, hey!

I don't have any knitting photos to share, but rest assured, knitting has been happening. I spent Super Bowl Sunday with Amy, knitting and learning about football. Let me just say, I am so excited for next football season! The game was thrilling, and Amy did a superb job of explaining the game and provided delicious snacks! I made some good progress on my BSJ and started on Linda Cyr's Baby Bear Hat for another wee cherub due next month. Babies everywhere this year!

In other happenings, I apparently had a photo-worthy salad (I presume I was very hungry when I decided this was photo worthy):


See, the thing is, I'm on this diet/exercise thing. I've put on a lot of weight since starting school and I'm trying to reverse it.

I also did my first GRS (Graduate Reading Series) Reading ever!


I was completely terrified! My hands shook the entire time and I was pretty sure I was going to either cry or throw up but somehow I muddled through!

I have a random street picture too:


Just a random sunset photo.

Sometimes it hits me like a thunderbolt as I walk (endlessly) through the city: I live here. This is my home. It's exciting and terrifying in equal measure.