Monday, January 09, 2012


So this year I more or less skipped making resolutions. I know the things I need to do more and less of, and it seems like these same items make the list year after year. I'm not spending next January 1 looking at a list of all the things I'd wished I'd have done. I do love the start of a new year though. It seems like the perfect time to begin a project, so I began two.
1. I compiled all of the work I want to use in my thesis into one document and started revisions.
2. I decided to get back on the horse with photo taking. I'm not talking Project 365. I never, ever complete that project, and I've tried at least three times. It's just too much pressure. So then I remembered there are some people who do Project 52 (I could have the name wrong), where they take pictures whenever throughout the week and choose a weekly favorite. That I can handle! Here's this week's haul of favorites.


This is the result of my first visit to the MFA for drawing in the galleries. I didn't realize it would be figure drawing, not my forte obviously, but I like the drawing I did of the purse belonging to the lady who sat beside me!


I love when the squirrels get all fat and fluffy in anticipation of winter.


And for my favorite of this week:

My friend's puppy, Lambeau!

In other news (and talk about burying the lede!), I got notice the other day that one of my stories will be appearing in the February issue of scissors and spackle magazine! It's my first publication and I am over the moon excited! All in all, I am having a tremendous start to 2012!

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