Saturday, February 12, 2005

Yay! FO and Secret Pal Goodies!

I stopped by work today to see if my iPod had been delivered (long story), and while it was not there, I did have a package!

My Secret Pal rules! I've been listening to the mix CD nonstop. The tape measure is the cutest knitting accessory I own now, and the cookies are delicious! Can't wait to try the tea and the yarn! Funny thing is, I used this exact same color to make a bag for a friend and loved the color! Thank you, Secret Pal!

I was sent home early the other day due to a raging snow storm, so I finally got a chance to cast on for the cowl. I would have worked on the cardigan, but I decided to have some wine with my lunch and had just enough peace of mind to know trying to count rows would end in disaster.

This cowl took no time at all. I knit it while watching Shaun of the Dead, and finished it while watching the special features. It's a fun knit because the yarn is so soft and nice and it's very warm. Thanks to Bonne Marie for the pattern!

In other news, if you've not seen Shaun of the Dead, go immediately to your video store and rent it. They had references to ALL the zombie movies in there, from "We're coming for you Barbara!" to the domestication of the zombie straight outta Day of the Dead. Of course, I love me some zombie movies. If you hate gore and the undead, this movie is not for you. But if you see some blood and guts and ask for more, this movie is hilarious and should not be missed!


Bonne Marie said...

WOW! That is a most beautiful COWL! I howl for your cowl!

And fabulous RED just in time for Valentine's Day! BRAVA!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you got the package :) I hope the cookies weren't too smooshed. By the way, love the sweatshirt!


becky said...

Hey Marlena! I found your blog! Looking very good, as is your cowl. Congrats :-)


Pioggia said...

I loved "Shaun of the Dead"... and I don't even like zombie movies. That's a pretty cowl you made. Thank for suggesting the sewn bindoff for my socks. I was trying to move away from it (just because I'm too stubborn), but I must agree, it's the most elastic bindoff I've tried.