Sunday, February 19, 2006

Back in the Saddle

Sorry about that extended break, there. I had some things to get sorted out and stuff to do. Today I'm without a camera, so I can't show you pictures of my work, but I can give a update, just the same.

I finished the hood on Rogue, and am now on the decrease section of sleeve number two. That's right, people, I am thisclose to being finished with Rogue! I've been thinking a lot about blocking and have decided to steam block it, because having stuff on the floor right now is kind of dangerous. See, we added another girl to the group:

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She doesn't care much for yarn, but loves the rice basket where I keep my projects. She also enjoys nibbling on pattern pages and playing hide and seek with a blanket. Her name is Mrs. Cooper (a.k.a: Mrs. Pooper, Pooper Scooper, and Koopa Trooper), and we got her from a girl at work who was moving and couldn't take her. She's generally a very good rabbit, box trained and rarely chews on stuff she's not supposed to. I find she usually chews when she wants attention, hence her chewing on my knitting stuff. It's hard to pet a bunny and knit at the same time!

I also finished a hat that's to be felted It looks pretty cute so far! I'll take a pre-felting picture as soon as I have the camera.

Oh, and just one more thing: we found a new apartment and will be moving soon! As I go through my stash, I might decide to put some stuff up on eBay. If I do, I'll post links here.

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tammy said...

Oh! She's lovely. And Mrs. Cooper is such a distinguished name. I used to have our bunny sit on the couch with me by my feet and I would knit and rub the bunny with my foot. Everyone was happy! Until she chewed the buttons off the remote for the tv. :)

How are the Ratties doing? Can't wait to see your Rogue. I need the inspiration to be brave enough to start mine. Mabye after the knitting Olympics.