Friday, March 16, 2007

Stuff: Finished and New

I finished my nephew's vest!


I love it! It's so soft, I love the color, and I know it will fit him (for a few months at least). To recap, I used The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns by Ann Budd for the pattern, and Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran with US7 needles. I used about three and a half balls for the second smallest size. In the book, the vest pattern has a v-neck, and the sweater pattern has a crew. I prefer a crew neck, so I just followed the sweater pattern for the front, since the front and back of both patterns are identical.

I must confess that I started another sweater before I finished the vest, though. I had to! I had that cashhmere yarn sitting in my basket, taunting me. I'm not made of steel! Right now, it looks like a cashmere dishcloth, but it's going to grow up to be (I believe it's called) the Corset Waisted Pullover [EDIT: It's actually called the Cinched Waist Top!] from VogueKnitting Spring 2006. I couldn't find a photo of it, and I didn't think I'd need to take a photo of the magazine. I'll take one soon. The pattern calls for the waist to be knitted first, and then the bottom (which is a ruffle), and finally the top pieces. I'm going to knit the top pieces first, however, since I'm not sure exactly how much yarn I will use, and I would rather sacrifice length on the bottom than the top. So far I've used two full balls of yarn on the waist, and I believe I have less than ten inches to go. Thank goodness! The corset is knitted at a very tight gauge, which is hard on my hands. Once it's finished, the rest of the sweater will be a piece of cake!


See what I mean about the dishcloth? Plus, the fabric is very stiff, adding to the dishcloth vibe.

Lastly, for Pioggia, a picture of the rattie girls! Just because they are so freaking adorable and love yarn. Squirrel, as usual, refused to cooperate, but Rattie behinds are cute, too.


(In all fairness, I did wake them up for playtime when this photo was taken.)


Pioggia said...

Cute girls! Thanks for the picture. That's an interesting construction you're describing, I'm really curious to see the finished corset.

tammy said...

The vest is really nice, and soft too I'll bet! The little rattie bootie is awfully cute too.

casey said...

I followed a link from the Quick-Fix Knitalong - gotta see who my knitmates are! - and I was reading this post, and I thought, huh, those rats look familiar.

And lo, we're already "contacts" on flickr. Which is probably not news to you at all, but I'm a little on the oblivious side, so I'm over here like "whee! small world!" Heh.

Beautiful color on the vest, and I bet it feels like heaven! Great job!