Friday, January 21, 2011

Fresh Starts

When the last semester ended, Winter Break seemed to stretch out before me endlessly. I entertained notions of reading entire novels, baking, knitting an entire sweater AND a hat AND a cowl AND mittens. But, as time is wont to do, it sped up until before I knew it I had mostly succeeded in getting reacquainted with my Sims and the gym and not much else. But I did manage to finish one little knitting project.

Wool Mittens in a Spring Color

These are the Celtic Moonrise Mittens by Rhiannon Don. I already went over some tips in my last post, so I'll just say that I love how these came out. The cable is so pretty and I love that it takes up the whole hand. I love that I found this shade of Cascade 220 buried in my stash totes, and it's the most perfect color for the person I sent these to. One thing to note is that these mittens are done up on US6 needles. I know, right? As a result, they're really more a fall/spring mitten than a dead of winter mitten. They're still warm, but a cold wind is going to go right through them.

Speaking of dead of winter and cold winds, I was not informed last week that my office had closed for the STORM OF THE CENTURY (tm) and so I trudged into town to my empty office. Since my last job was at an old folks' home which never closes for anything, I just figured my officemates were troupers. Anyway, since I was already in town, and it was so beautiful and quiet (you don't realize just how loud a city is until it isn't), I decided to take a long walk and get some pictures. There's something so magical about having the city pretty much to yourself.

Boston Common

Watching the Sky


By the next day it was all dirty slush and bitter people.

It's snowing again today and I'm about to head out into it. I've got some good gym momentum happening (my ice cream habit caught up with me in an unsavory way), and at the end of week one of Spring semester, I already have a ton of work.

Next up: Herringbone Mittens!


Thea said...

The finished mittens look great! Just back from shoveling myself, not so quiet, but still pretty....

Pioggia said...

Love the green and the cables. Those are beautiful Winter pictures.