Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Taking a Break...

...from compulsively hitting refresh on the page to check my grades and before diving back into Cobblestone, so tantalizingly close to complete! So I thought I'd give a quick update while I sip on my hot chocolate (with a dash of Pinnacle Whipped vodka, just a dash-- I have knitting to do).

I finally mailed out the last package and Christmas card today. Last year I carried gifts for friends on the train, but this year I decided it was worth to spring for shipping. Being a student has taught me to be a much better traveler! I used to overpack so much, but now I've got down just what I need for a weekend.

I'm going home on Friday for nine days! I'm really looking forward to spending lots of stress-free time with my family and friends, without assignments looming over my head. (Nope. Still no grades posted.)

Last Friday was my company Christmas party. We do a Yankee Swap and this year I got a travel Scrabble board! The most perfect gift for me ever, and it was the one I chose right at the start. I couldn't believe no one stole it. I'm a Scrabble fiend. Speaking of, do you play Words with Friends? If you do, look me up! sassette00 I'm always looking for new opponents.

I made these sugar cookies thinking I'd bring them to a party, but they aren't kidding when they say small batch! So instead I stuck them in my freezer and I've been munching on them all week. They are so good. I made mine with just a sprinkle of sugar, but I'm sure they'd be great with icing too.

I love walking around Boston whenever I get the chance. No matter how well I think I know a neighborhood, I always discover something new. I've walked from the North End to Back Bay via Charles Street about a million times and yet never saw the doorknob store until the other day. How could I miss something so beautiful?


What are your plans for the holidays? Any traditions you look forward to?

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