Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I can't wait!

Secret Pals 4 is gearing up, and I'm so excited to get my pal!

I'm also excited about this blog, even though it could use a little facelift. I will be posting some photos soon of my current projects. I am in love with the Round Trip cardigan. It has the neatest construction. I don't even mind the over 500 rows of garter stitch (!) over ten stitches.

Without further ado, let me present the Secret Pals questionaire:

1. Are you a yarn snob (do you prefer high-end/natural fibers)? Do you avoid Red Heart and Lion Brand? Or is it all the same to you?

I wouldn't say snob. I'm not above using Wool-Ease or Homespun for a project, if someone requests easy care. Do I enjoy knitting with those yarns as much as, say, Cascade 220 or any kind of alpaca? Absolutely not. But I love the FO just as much.

2. Do you spin? Crochet?
I do neither. I tried, when I was a little girl, to learn crochet and failed. Then about a year ago I tried again, and also failed. I just don't think it's in the cards for me. All I really want to make is a big granny square blanket, anyway.

3. Do you have any allergies? (smoke, pets, fibers, perfume, etc.)

4. How long have you been knitting?
Ummm... I think it's been about three years, maybe? I guess that sounds about right. I'm not exactly sure.

5. Do you have an Amazon or other online wish list?
I don't. No one I know in real life would check one!

6. What's your favorite scent? (for candles, bath products etc.)
Anything that smells like a bakery; cookies, cake, pie... bring it on!

7. Do you have a sweet tooth?
See above. Sweet teeth are the only kind I have!

8. What other crafts or Do-It-Yourself things do you like to do?
I've never really gotten into much else, craft-wise. Except for making collages. I used to make cards using collage, but when I quit working at the bookstore, my supply of old magazine dried up. The art mags were the best! Oh, and I do like to sew, but it takes me forever to finish a project because I hate sitting at the machine and dealing with the pins and all. I like the finished garments, though!

9. What kind of music do you like? Can your computer/stereo play MP3s? (if your buddy wants to make you a CD)

I like punk rock. My favorite bands include Cock SParrer, the Bouncing Souls, the Dropkick Murphy's and NOFX. My favorite label is Fat Wreck Chords. I also really like oldies, Motown, bluegrass, eightie's hits, and Dolly Parton.

10. What's your favorite color? Or--do you have a color family/season/palette you prefer?

For a long time I was in denial, and said that my favorite color was black. Then I started knitting and noticed that most of the yarn I have is red or blue. I believe those are my favorites.

11. What is your family situation? Do you have any pets?

I live with my boyfriend, and we have fish.

12. What are your life dreams? (really stretching it here, I know)

Well, you know. Happiness in whatever I do. Plus, I'd really like to own a yarn store one day.

13. What is/are your favorite yarn/s to knit with?

Cascade 220, anything alpaca, Brown Sheep yarns, Noro Kureyon.

14. What fibers do you absolutely *not* like?

Anything 100% acrylic (though I don't mind synthetics like polyester), or those weird ladder type yarns. I keep trying to convince myself that I like eyelash, but I just don't. My stash tells a different story.

15. What is/are your current knitting obsession/s?

I'm really into sweaters right now. I have a few on my list.

16. What is/are your favorite item/s to knit?

I love a quick hat. I also love to make socks and sweaters.

17. What are you knitting right now?

A cardigan, baby booties, and I'm in the swatching stage for some fingerless gloves.

18. What do you think about ponchos?

I actually really wanted to make one before I started seeing them everywhere. I got a bunch of old knitting magazines from this lady I used to work with and there were all these cool ponchos in them. C'est la vie. I'll wait a few years and try again.

19. Do you prefer straight or circular needles?

Circular, all the way.

20. Bamboo, aluminum, plastic?

A nice, weighty metal.

21. Are you a sock knitter?

Why yes, I am.

22. How did you learn to knit?

One of my friends started, and while watching her, I decided to try. I bought a book and taught myself to knit one afternoon. Of course, my technique needed some tweaking, and I just couldn't get my purl to work, so I enlisted the help of some ladies I worked with, seasoned knitters all, and soon was teaching my friend how to purl.

23. How old is your oldest UFO?

When we moved last spring, I frogged all UFOs that were started more than six months previously. I used to have a ton of them. Actually, now that I think of it, there was one I didn't frog. The cable sampler throw from the premier issue of Knit It! magazine. It's got to be two years old. I'll finish it someday.

24. What is your favorite animated character or a favorite animal/bird?

I love Hello Kitty and all of her friends, the crew from The Nightmare Before Christmas, old school Strawberry Shortcake, and frogs.

25. What is your favorite holiday?


26. Is there anything that you collect?

Frogs, found objects, baking paraphernalia, 80's DVDs, vintage knitting patterns.

Whew. That took a lot out of me! I think I'll go relax with some Mario and knitting.

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