Saturday, January 29, 2005

WIPS... Now with Pictures!

I've been busy with other things, not much time for knitting, but I've still managed to get more work done on the Round Trip sweater (almost done with the border, about ten rows to go).

Doesn't look like much right now, eh? Just wait'll she gets some sleeves!

A couple of weeks ago when the weatherman first started in with negative degree forecasts, I decided I needed a thick hat, pronto. I bought some Adrienne Vittadini Dani on the way home from work and made this hat that night. Dani is very interesting. It's about twenty or so very thin single plies of yarn all plied together, which makes a very thick, yet light, yarn. It's 100% wool and very soft.

And the bootie. Just the one so far, and this one has been done for quite a while. It cries out to me, forlornly, from the knitting basket, "Please don't leave me all alone in the world! I'm so small, and the world is so, so big!" These only take a few hours to make, I'll set aside a night this week to make the match. I'll be making a hat to go with them.

I'm thinking about going to the yarn sore today to pick up some sock weight wool, but I'm trying to talk myself out of it. I already have so much sock yarn, and I have three projects to get through before I even have to decide what I'm making next. I have no willpower. If any stash enhancement occurs, I'll be sure to keep everyone updated.

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