Monday, June 20, 2005

Keyboard Confessional

I really tried so hard to be good about not buying yarn until after my birthday. I really did! I avoided yarn stores to the point where when it came time to get some buttons for the little seaside sweater I made, I went to Joann's instead of a LYS for them to reduce temptation. How was I to know that the Joann's near my house had suddenly decided to carry Cotton Ease, and they'd have the bubble gum pink and cherry red I've been searching for? It wasn't my fault that I had to get seven balls of each. What if I find a sweater pattern they would be perfect for and I'd cheaped out on quantity? I even resisted buying more when I got to the register and saw that they were not $3.00 each, as stickered, but were only $1.50 each. I guess I do have some self-control. I now have a nice little stash of Cotton Ease and can go back to my yarn diet, already in progress.

Pictures soon. I finished up the cotton sweater in time for the shower, but barely. I was sewing on buttons about an hour before I left for it. As a result, I only have a Palm photo of it. No further progress on other projects. Very busy weekend.

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Pioggia said...

I still wonder why would Lion Brand discontinue the cotton-ease... I'm glad you could stock up.