Sunday, July 10, 2005

Yep, I'm 30.

Long time, no post. I've kind of gotten into posting on the weekends, and last weekend was spent with my BFF, her fiance, and T, whooping it up with plenty of arcade games and fried dough. I just pulled the pictures (what few I got, the batteries died the first day) off the camera, and found one I forgot I took.

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It's Jason Voorhees! You put your quarter in and you control how he moves while this bizarre music plays. Of course I did it!

I got to revisit all my old favorites... Frogger, Q*Bert, Pac*Man, Donkey Kong... and I got to play Galaga on a machine that actually worked! It was my best birthday yet, hands down.

On to the knitting!
You know I bought yarn on our trip, but I don't have photos. I picked up some sage green Sirdar Breeze for a cardigan (maybe), and some Berocco Suede, which will be a very sexy tank. Seriously, have you knit with that stuff yet? It really does look like you've knit with strips of leather. I chose a dark brown and am having a hard time not abandoning all other projects to cast on with it. I've done an extremely good job staying true to my projects.

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The clown socks are done! With the weather being so crazy here, I was able to wear these socks the day after I finished them. Wool socks in July, who woulda thunk it? The Regia is a bit more coarse than the Blauband I used for my other socks, but I still like them.

The lamb all-in-one is coming along swimmingly, if slowly. It seems like it takes a hundred rows to get an inch, but every time I feel discouraged, I just remind myself of how adorable it'll be when it's done. Right now I pretty much only knit when the sun goes down, because it's too hot and sticky otherwise. Once we have our A/C hooked up, I think my progress will improve.

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I've gotten a few more inches along since this picture was taken. I think I've added about four inches. I have to have nearly a foot of white before I can start the sleeves.

Today I wandered into Borders after T and I went to see Bewitched (incidentally, it was pretty good, but the ending felt a little tacked on), and finally picked up Vintage Knits by Sarah Dallas. I admired this book when I first began knitting, but could hardly believe I'd ever be able to make any of the patterns. As I thumbed through it today, I realized that none of the patterns are beyond my reach, and I love 90% of them. Now I just have to decide what to make first.

I'm thinking about moving my blog. I have a host in mind, and actually only started this one at Blogger to see if I'd actually update even semi-regularly. Blogger is okay, but I'm always afraid I'm going to lose everything, and I don't really like any of the templates. We'll see what happens. Of course I'll keep you posted.


Shauna said...

yeah I too am not really a fan of blogger--not enough options--unless you wanna dothe freaking HTML yourself :(:(

lovely socks btw ^_~

Pioggia said...

Don't forget to post your new address when you move. Happy belated birthday, and may you enjoy many more arcade games.