Thursday, August 11, 2005

A New Knitalong in Town

So, sometimes last week I decided I would like to make the infamous Rogue for my BFF. I bought the pattern (holy cannoli! 19 pages!), and already had yarn in the stash (a deep red wool I bought when I went to visit her last year).

Yesterday, I was going through my Bloglines list and read Sheep in the City, where Stacey was talking about a new knitalong she had joined. For Rogue. I just love serendipity like that. So I joined. Would you like to join?

No knitting yesterday, I went to the demolition derby! I look forward to it every year. The Wednesday derby is a little smaller than the Saturday night one, but it's also a lot less crowded. I had a healthy helping of onion rings, a cherry Sno-Cone and cotton candy (I only ate the blue portion of the bag, a friend and I will share the pink and yellow today at work). I love fair season. For several reasons.
1. Fairs = Fall
2. Exhibition Halls, not "craft fairs"
3. Livestock (at the big state fair, they even have sheep dog trials. I love watching those!)

I should get along and get to work. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to spend your days knitting and sewing and reading and playing Nintendo?

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