Monday, August 22, 2005


I finished the Suede tank last week. After a nice wet blocking, it fits beautifully. A little on the big side, but nothing I can't handle. As soon as we get a nice, sunny day where I'm not working, I'll take a picture.

I'm about halfway through one sleeve for the all-in-one. For those of you who have sewn a child's snowsuit, you know about the neat contruction of the mitt and sleeve combo (I love sewing those). This all-in-one uses the same construction! For such a small project, this lamb packs a big whallop in technique. I did the half sleeve in about one evening's work, so I could conceivably have both sleeves done this week. The baby will definitely be born before I'm through, but it's okay.

I got yarn today that I'm going to swatch for Rogue. I chose Peruvian Highland Wool from Elann in Oxblood. I was surprised by the yarn's softness when I opened the package. I was also a little surprised by the color. It was a lot darker than I expected, but the more I look at it, the more it grows on me. I plan to cast on for Rogue ASAP, as I would like to send it to my friend for her birthday on September 25. Can it be done? Stay tuned!

As the weather turns cooler and the kids get ready for school (my nephew starts kindergarten this year!), my thoughts turn to long-languishing projects that need just a little work to be finished.
Ribby Cardi: Needs a zipper facing, collar, and zipper
Zippy Cardigan: Needs a zipper
Fingerless Gloves: First glove needs two fingers, then I need to make the mate
Velvet Oblivion Eyemask: need to conclude battle royale with fun fur
Isn't it totally pathetic that these things aren't done? I won't dwell on that, instead I'll look forward to quick finishes!

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froggy_dear said...

Is the fairy tattoo on your shoulderblade a Rackham picture? It's lovely and looks so familiar.

(Wandered over from LJ)