Thursday, August 17, 2006

Actual Knitting Pictures!

These are hurried shots, taken this morning as I rushed around the apartment, late (per usual). First, the easy one:


Just the toe to go! These socks are very warm, and I can't wait to wear them this winter. Ooh! Won't they also be awesome for Halloween?!

Now for the hard one:


The tank and I are at odds again. I was so excited yesterday after I finished up the shoulders and took it off the needles. Then I tried it on. In a word: Wah. The arholes are too short, which makes the entire garment too short. I don't really know how I missed that! I'm not too upset about it, though. By my estimation, I'll only have to add another couple of inches, and the top of this tank, which looks pretty shapely, is actually just a rectangle. The ribbing makes the shape. Shortness notwithstanding, the tank looks cute! AND I think I'll be able to wear it this fall, also, layered under my brown corduroy jacket.

Speaking of fall fashion... reading Becky's blog has renewed my interest in fashion, and I've bought armloads of fashion magazines of late (though I've yet to purchase the September issue of Vogue, or, as I like to call it, the Bible). Is anyone else a little alarmed at the resurgence of leggings worn with belted sweaters and ankle boots? I look at those, and all I see is my favorite outfit from seventh grade: black leggings, belted tuxedo shirt (WITH bow tie), and black ankle boots. Or my favorite outfit from fifth grade: magenta oversized sweatshirt, black leggings, black Reeboks (I also had an oversized Mickey Mouse sweatshirt with the collar cut off that I worked with this look). And let's not forget my elementary school look of black leggings torn and fastened with safety pins, pink shirt with grid design, wacky shapes and tails. I might be legging'd out.


Knotingale said...

You forgot the jeans. Skinny jeans that look like leggings, worn with big oversized sweaters and shirts.
Too bad I threw out all my 80s stuff.

amy said...

I am completely, completely horrified by the leggings. Every morning when I load Go Fug Yourself, these days, I'm more and more disappointed in the style-setters. Because people. It looked terrible in the 80s, and it looks terrible now.


(And hi again!)