Wednesday, August 30, 2006


When your knitting gives you lemons, what should you do? Knit socks, of course! In my rush this morning, I forgot my camera cable and so I can't show you a progress picture, but if you follow this link, you can see a photo of the gloves I started before things went awry. See, I was a foolish knitter, and I:
1. Didn't do a gauge swatch.
2. Didn't recognize the recommended yarn, but didn't want to wait to look it up.
3. Really, really wanted to cast on something using my brand-spanking new Gloss right away.

After I completed the ribbing, I thought the cuff looked a little large for a glove (which ought to stretch to fit, after all), so, faced with the decision whether to rip out, swatch and start over, or turn my work into something else, I chose the something else. There was minor fiddling to make the lace pattern continue evenly around the (now) leg, but I think the effect is worth it! These are only my second pair of lace socks (the first pair I actually designed myself), and I am loving it! The repeats are only 15 rows, and easily memorized, so I can knit along with minimal attention, but the finished product is so daintyand pretty. And the yarn! As I said above, I'm using KnitPicks Gloss, which is a merino/silk blend. I've purchased other lines of KnitPicks yarns, and been less than impressed. This yarn, however, is wonderful! It has a lovely sheen, the color is deep and rich, and it feels so soft, I never want to stop knitting for the evening! I have plans to pick up more for some gloves, just so I can have something made from it that I can wear every day. Highly recommended.

So, hopefully tomorrow there will be a picture of my progress. I'm at the heel now, and wondering whether to do my usual short-row heel, or try something new out of Knitting Vintage Socks.

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