Sunday, September 03, 2006


Well, it turns out that the glove I turned into a sock really wasn't working out for a sock. The leg was fine, but when I made the heel (my best one yet!), there weren't enough stitches to make a proper one. I considered trying to size the foot for a child, but selfishness won out. I want that yarn on my feet! Here it is on its way to the frog pond:


I'm thinking I'm going to use the yarn for Hedera by Cookie A. The more I see that sock, the more I like it.

My pain does not end there, though! I casted on for a Christmas stocking last weekend. It's a pattern I've made before, so I didn't think much of working on it while I visited with a friend and taught her how to make cables. Turns out that you really need to pay attention to those letter charts. I made two O's instead of an O and a B. Oops.


I don't think I'll need to rip this all the way back, just to the beginning of the chart. I tried to drop the stitches and pick them back up correctly in fair isle pattern. Yeah... it didn't quite work out. But I gave it a shot!

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tammy said...

So tell me, is the Gloss really nice? I've been trying to avoid thinking about it, 'cause that would lead to ordering it!

Wanted to let you know, I did use 4 colours for my Noro scarf. Colours 40, 90, 128, 154. I actually finished it last night and I really like it. I always find Kureyon a bit overwhelming to consider for a garment but in a scarf or bag, ta da! Loving it.