Saturday, September 16, 2006

Still Being Good

Well, actually, I've cheated a very little since my last post and gotten a few rows done. Not really enough to warrant a picture. It occurred to me this evening that I could easily satisfy my creative urges with sewing, but I ran out of steam after realizing that I don't have the right size zipper. (What possessed me to buy a 21" zipper for a skirt???)

Anyway, I was thinking we could have a little discussion about the new Knitty. Overall, I was impressed with this edition. I was more impressed with the sweaters, and personally felt there could have been more. Especially since the last issue was all accessories. My favorites?

Cactus Flower is so pretty, and I love the look of the tweed and mohair. Unfortunately, I can't use mohair, and I can't think of another fiber that is comparable, with the possible exception of angora. The only problem with angora, as I see it, is that I've never seen any like Kidsilk Haze.

Isn't Ivy great? It's simple, work-appropriate, and looks fun to knit. This is going on my short list, I think. I've not actually seen a wrap sweater before that I wanted to wear! I might even make more than one for color options!

I like that Serrano is simple and spare, but I'm not sure if I would wear it. I don't usually buy tight cardigans, so why knit one? But you never can tell. I could be aching for a tight cardi in six months, and I'll turn to this one.

Is Avast not the perfect man's sweater? It's simple, classic, and has just a little bit of fun on it for the knitter. Plus... it's kinda sexy! I'd like to see my boyfriend in it!

I think that Sherwood is so adorable! I love the cables, I've never seen any quite like that in a sweater. I don't know if I would use Cotton Fleece for it, since in my experience, CF pills like all get out. I've been thinking of doing one in wool... maybe even matching ones for my nephews! I also have a tiny issue with the collar on this one. It looks a little shallow to me. I might even put a turtleneck on it.

I know there's a lot of blog buzz about Intolerable Cruelty, and come on! It's dead sexy! Would I ever wear it? No. Probably ten years ago, but not now! That doesn't mean I can't admire it though.

Lizard Ridge kicks ass. Love the way the colors play out, love the fun pattern, hate that I just finished a blanket and can't imagine doing another one right now. It might be neat though to plan to make this one for myself. I could follow the original intent of the pattern author and do a square now and then.

And, finally, Cable Net. These look awesome! I've really been getting into patterned socks, lately, and have been wanting to do something cabled.

So, that's my take! What did you all think?


amy said...

Pretty much what you thought, actually. I wouldn't wear Cactus Flower, but it is a good sweater. I probably would wear Serrano.

Intolerable Cruelty is just my style but I have vowed never to let my butt be covered by knitwear.

There were too many socks for my taste, but they're all pretty nice. Overall this knitty is much better for me than most.

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tammy said...

I love the Ivy design too. Nice versatile design. And in a yarn that doesn't cost a fortune!

I agree with you about Serano. I really like it, but would I wear it? Prolly not. Maybe I'll just use the lace pattern for a scarf or something?