Monday, September 11, 2006

Doctor's orders? I prefer "suggestions."

I went to my doctor last week about some pain I was having in my hand. Diagnosis? Tendonitis from overuse. She asked me what sort of things I did, and I held out until the very last possible second when she asked if I had any hobbies before revealing that I am a knitter. She suggested I lay off the kitting for two or three weeks.
Uh, yeah. Sure.
My first stop after the doctor's office was to my local knitting mecca, where I drowned my sorrow in the yellow yarn I showed you last week, as well as some Noro for a scarf, some more US1 dpns, a shawl pattern for my Granny, and some Handeze Gloves.

Because you didn't really think I'd give up that easily, do you?

While I was at Halcyon, I saw some really great stuff that was a little more than I was looking to spend that day. That does not mean I am exempt from tempting you! How about a giant cone of DK weight wool/silk? Or an equally giant cone of wool/silk lace weight? Cashmere is always nice... but so is silk. Okay, okay! Enough enabling.

The gloves really do help, but I've been trying to keep my knitting in half hour intervals. Where I used to spend about three hours a night (type: knight) knitting, I now get in about one hour. A couple of nights, I haven't knit at all! It's sheer torture, but we just got a PS2, so that's been easing the pain a little. Since I haven't bene knitting much, I don't have much to show you. I started a Kureyon scarf, but there was a problem when I tried to upload the photo to Flickr. All I have to show you is my progress on Hedera:

IMG_1444 IMG_1445

Sad, isn't it? But I do love the pattern, and love the yarn, so it's just as well that they're slow going.

One last thing... when I was looking for the Hedera pattern, I couldn't help but notice that the new knitty is up!


Knotingale said...

tendonitis. I had that. When I first started knitting heavy. Of course, I blamed the painting (as in house painting) and the keyboarding, because I didn't want to give up my knitting.

I'm all better now, though my recovery took months instead of the weeks it would have taken if I had quit knitting.

I have the following to offer: ice, ice, and ice. That works wonders, along with any kind of anti-inflamatory that works for you. Also, go to the drugstore and get a wrist-neutral brace, one that is comfortable enough to wear while you sleep. It should have a metal shaft that keeps you from moving your hand down. Wear it whenever you hurt, and when you even think you might have over-knit.

Third, forget the hand-eze. Get the Futuro gloves with the built-in wrist brace (elastic, and it wraps around and secures with velcro.)

I've done all this, and now have wrists of iron, with newly developed muscles. I can knit for hours.

amy said...

Sorry to hear about the doctor's "suggestion".

(You're really doing your best, TGEOAT, but I am strong in the face of your temptation! I am! Even though I have an enormous closet *just for yarn* in this new house... well, maybe just a teensy peek.)