Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Talking and Stashing

Thanks to Knotingale for the tips! I'm going to the pharmacy tomorrow for a brace and new glove, and I have not knit a stitch for the last two nights (including this one, which isn't done yet, but I'm on my way to read). This does not mean I don't have knitting to show you!

IMG_1446Here is my Kureyon scarf, in progress. I love how isolating two rows at a time causes surprising colors to come forward. For instance, see that stripe of green? It comes from a skein that looks completely black, gray and burgundy. I think this will be a perfect project to pick up for a half hour at a time. That's not to say that Hedera won't be touched, just that some of the stitches on that are a little more fiddley, so I won't be doing much knitting on that.

In better news, the lack of knitting is doing wonders for my stash! Today's acquisition? Ten skeins of Noro Kureyon in color #88! I've been searching for this color, and decided I was meant to have it. And I don't even mind if it takes awhile to ship!


Knotingale said...

I was admiring your ability to RESIST knitting, then you confessed. I find that yarn-buying is a more than adequate sub for knitting. Too bad it has such a negative effect on my pocketbook!
When you get your Noro, please remark on how scratchy it is (ha), as I am trying to RESIST buying.

Marlena said...

Oh, no! I really haven't knit for THREE NIGHTS IN A ROW now. I'm having some twitchiness. The scarf I showed you was from before I stopped knitting, I just hadn't had a chance to show it yet. :)

Noro is on the scratchy side. I have a cardigan I made out of it, but no way would I make a sweater to wear next to the skin! (Hope that helps!)

tammy said...

Pretty scarf! I'm sorry you have to take it easy on the knitting. Very frustrating, especially at the beginning of a new project. Take good care and heal fast!