Friday, September 22, 2006


Have you seen this hat?
p1010014 I went to see the Rolling Stones on Wednesday, and, knowing it would be chilly, brought my beloved Malabrigo hat with me for some added warmth. In the car on the way home, I was horrified to discover that the hat was no longer with me. In a panic, I scrambled all over the moving vehicle, checking under the seat, by the door, even the back seat. No dice. All I can think is that the hat, feeling unloved by the way it was stuffed into my pocket and went unworn, leapt to the beer soaked floor in the hopes it would be found by someone who loved it more. The other option is that the hat, realizing we were leaving early, even before they (surely) played Sympathy for the Devil (the hat's favorite song), jumped to the seat as I turned to leave. Either way, I will never see this hat again. I only hope that some gentle Rolling Stones fan found it, touched it, and put it immediately on their head (which I admit I wouldn't do). I hope a knitter found it. A knitter who knows that Malabrigo must be hand washed, or you risk having a baby helmet. My fear is that my hat, my precious soft little hat, is sitting in a trash can right now, lost and lonely. I'm sorry little hat. I will keep a better eye on your sister (thankfully, I still have plenty of that green Malabrigo to make another.


amy said...

Aw!!! Be brave, little hat!

tammy said...

Hours later, after everyone had gone home, Keith Richards wanders out onto the stage. Something catches his eye. It's a beautiful knitted hat laying alone in the aisle.

He picks it up and the next time we see said wee hat it's on his head when he plays Jack Sparrow Sr. in Pirates of the Caribbean III.

Or, something like that! ;)

Were the Stones good? I'm finally going to see them in November and I'm over the moon with excitement.