Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Today's post brought to you by the letter "B"

Remember the stocking I had to rip back because I messed up on the letter B?
IMG_1501I finally ripped it back last night. The whole process was painless, since I'm using Lamb's Pride, which is pretty sticky. I was horrified when I again forgot to do the middle line of the B again, but I decided to just do it on the next row, and I don't think it came out so bad. The 2006 on the other side looks kinda wonky, but I really think blocking will make it better. I remember the 2005 looking wonky on my other nephew's stocking last year, and blocking helped. I almost cheated and put 2005 on this stocking so they wouldn't know the difference (they're so young now, I doubt they'd remember they got stockings a year apart), but I decided to be honest about it. I have kind of a half-baked plan to make a stocking for a different family member every year. That way I don't get roped into making 15 stockings at once. Hedera is cruising along, and the scarf is progressing nicely. Right now there's an interesting red/pink pattern going on with the scarf. Too bad it'll be behind my neck when I wear it!

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tammy said...

What a good auntie!

Have you seen this?

Love it!