Friday, October 27, 2006

A Linkfest!

The other day (or maybe it was just yesterday), I was browsing through my Bloglines roster, and noted all of the blogs I read that have nothing (or little) to do with knitting, but I enjoy nonetheless. Since I don't have any photographic proof that I have finished fingerless glove #1 today, I thought I'd point you to some other people who are interesting.

1. A Dress a Day. She posts a dress (mostly) every day, with comments about style, fabrics and fashion. The designs are mostly vintage, and she's always good for links to eBay sellers of vintage sewing patterns. Every time I read this blog, I want to go home and dust off the sewing machine. Unfortunately, I usually run out of steam when the time comes to pin the pattern. Still, she's made me more aware of what I wear and the choices I make while shopping, for which I am grateful. Oh! Check out the Secret Lives of Dresses, too!

2. Bitch. Ph.D. I've linked you to her introduction post for new readers. This is a feminist blog, and decidedly liberal. That might make it sound exclusionary, but it's not! The comments are fodder for great debate and discussion, and she often posts great links to news and editorials. My favorite posts, though, and the ones where she shares snippets of conversation from her day. She's a good writer, and funny as hell.

3. Bits and Bobbins. This is a blog I just found today! I obviously found it through knitting sources, as her latest post is about a (beautiful, impressive) sweater she designed. A lot of her blog is personal, talking about her move and what furniture she would like for her new apartment, but she also has some interesting posts on fashion and creativity and expression of self through clothes. She also heads up a pretty awesome Flickr group, where people post their outfits for the day. Maybe it sounds superficial and silly, but I find it inspiring to see what people do with the basic wardrobe offerings. Plus, there seem to be quite a few knitters in the group!

4. Tales of the Cupcake Mafia. I just found this blog this week, too. This girl is hilarious. I know she's a knitter, because she's on a holiday knitalong that I'm on (I need to put that button back on!), but I haven't found any evidence on her blog yet. Her blog is like a journal, where she shares overheard conversations, anecdotes from her childhood, and generally funny stories. One of my favorites has to be the one where she talks about her dad's missing food processor. She is a riot!

I will be on vacation next week! This usually means very little blogging, as I gallavant hither and yon in search of yarn, fried food, and good times. As I said, I've got to get the second glove finished in time for Halloween, but I'm not sure what else I'll knit. It's kind of exciting! All of these possibilities... all of this time!


Anonymous said...

Is this the same person as the admin of the bigballofyarn forums?

tammy said...

Have a brilliant week off and I wish you luck in your quest for all that is good in the world. Especially the fried food part. On account of you already got that gorgeous ultra cheap cashmere! :)

Marlena said...

Anonymous: Nope, not the same. :)