Monday, October 02, 2006

Slowly but Surely

IMG_1617.JPG I've been making decent progress on Hedera and the scarf. I'm starting to remember why I'm not really a scarf person. They seem to take ages, and don't change much. But this one sure is pretty. One of the shades of Kureyon I'm using is very bright, and the other is more subdued. So far, they seem to mirror the first two colors I used somewhat in intensity. It's getting very cold here, Saturday I wished I had this scarf finished already! Speaking of cold and needing accessories, have you seen these yet? These are the armwarmers I was going to design myself, and they will be mine! I'm especially excited by the prospect of trying out Debbie Bliss' Pure Silk.
IMG_1614.JPG I'm onto the foot on Hedera. I was feeling pretty pleased myself, when I realized that I have another to knit after this one. Aside from my very first pair of socks, this might be longest sock project I've worked on. I know it's because of the break, but it still feels long. Luckily, I still love the yarn, and I still love the pattern! I am also completely enamored of Wendy's short row heel from her toe-up sock pattern. It's incredibly well-written, and gave me such clearly defined wraps, I almost felt magical. Next up: try a pair of toe up socks! I have some sock yarn I want to use to make socks for my boyfriend, but I don't know how long the leg will be able to be.

Thanks to Tammy for her donation to the Memory Walk! I really appreciate it, Tammy. Thanks!

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tammy said...

The scarf looks really good. I love all the reddy pinky shades. Do you think the Kureyon will soften much with a Euculan bath? I haven't washed mine yet but should soon.

It's been getting cool here, especially in the morning walk to work. I'm thinking of knitting up a Panta headband to keep my ears from freezing off.

Sorry about bunny having a munch on your pattern! When we had our rabbit it sheared all the buttons off the remote control for the tv. Hubby was not amused! LOL.