Saturday, November 18, 2006

Do men wear knee-highs?

Almost a sock! Well, I was concerned about having enough yarn for these socks, but I oughtn't have worried. If I knit any more on these socks (excluding a 1x1 ribbed cuff), they will be knee-highs. Now, I know I've seen guys wearing kilts who wear knee-highs, but I've never seen my boyfriend wear them (neither a kilt nor knee-highs). It's been a little disconcerting at times knitting these, I keep feeling like I should be decreasing for the toe! I think my best bet will be to cast on for the second sock immediately upon finishing this one. Otherwise, I'm afraid they won't be done for Christmas! One thing I love about these socks, is that one repeat of the pattern is just about one inch. Not only does that make it easy to measure for the foot and leg, but it also makes me feel like I'm getting a lot done when I'm only doing one repeat a night. I love that!

IMG_2073.JPG Work continues on the mystery project. I put it aside for the most part to concentrate on finishing sock #1, but have managed to get a little more done. I might take the teensiest break in between socks one and two to get halfway through this project.

Now, a PSA. I know that for many people, myself included, the holiday seasons leads to thoughts of giving to charity and sharing personal good fortune with others who are not so fortunate. If you are in that mindset, please visit Tammy's blog. She's running a contest for The Dulaan project. The Dulaan Project asks knitters to put their skills to use making warm clothing for the needy children of Mongolia. Even if you can only manage one hat amidst all of the holiday rush, you can know that your hat helps one person be a little less cold.

Speaking of the holidays, I'm not sure if I'll be able to post in the coming week. If I don't, to all of my compatriots, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


amy said...

I love the colors of that mystery project. Can't wait to see it, and you, in person!

You should totally make them knee-highs and then get BF a Utilikilt ( :)

Pioggia said...

No, they don't. But maybe if the sock is very warm and comfortable he'll see the advantages of knee-high socks. I like making knee-highs for myself. They use up a lot of yarn and it takes longer to finish them, but I really like how warm they are.

Anonymous said...

I'm not ashamed to say that I wear knee-highs in the winter. I've also been known to wear a kilt once or twice, but I've never worn the socks and the kilt at the same time.