Monday, November 20, 2006

A surprise entry!

wee hatI really didn't anticipate being able to update this week, but I had to share this tiny slice of cute I started and finished during a movie last night. I got caught up in my own blog post, and decided it was time to contribute to the Caps to the Capital project. Ellen at Purl Diva is collecting the hats and sending them off. I'll be dropping this one off with the Opal Tiger baby hat I made awhile ago. For this little darling, I followed the pattern provided by the Caps to the Capital people, and used one ball of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky. I had so much yarn left at the finish of the hat, I decided to put on a big old pom-pom. My pom-poms need a little work.

I am such a good knitter, I casted on for the second gift sock tonight, and now have a toe. I think this one will go faster. I have experience with the pattern behind me, as well as a perfect model to follow. Taking measurments is as easy as counting repeats!

(I also snuck in a few rows of the mystery project!)


Pioggia said...

Very pretty hat indeed. Inspired by your blog, I got some gloss from knitpicks and I am about to start a pair of socks for my better half. What astonished me most was that it looks thick, but I ended up using my No. 1 needles. May I ask what needles you used and what was your gauge?

Marlena said...

I also used US1 needles, and got 9sts/inch over stockinette in the round. The fabric is soft and squishy. Thinking about my poor Gloss sock is getting me ready to make the second one!