Saturday, February 24, 2007

Guess what's done?

That's right, the Slimline Jacket! It was all seamed and ready to go on Wednesday night (maybe even Tuesday, can't remember), on Thursday I left work early to buy buttons and sewed them in, and I wore the jacket to work on Friday!


This might be my most favorite knit ever. It's very comfortable, the yarn is so incredibly soft and warm, and the pattern is practical for work and to throw on during the weekend (for the most part, my work clothes are completely different from my casual clothes).


I made a few eensy changes while I was knitting. I added a total of an inch to the fronts and the back, since stuff tends to come out a little short on me (go figure, I'm only 5'4" tall), and I added a wee bit more than an inch to the sleeves, because sleeves are always too short when I knit to pattern. But that was all. I loved making the collar best, I think. It made me feel so clever! (Even though I didn't even write the pattern.) I wet-blocked all of the pieces separately, except the collar, which I steam blocked. I used KnitPicks Gloss for the seams and as Pioggia asked in the comments, it did pill on the socks I made. A lot. I have socks that look better after dozens of wearing than that pair looked after one. I guess in that case, you get what you pay for. Bummer, I really liked knitting with that yarn.


I thought that pewter buttons would look really nice with the blue yarn, and I was right! These weren't exactly the kind of button I had in mind, but I like them all the same. The sweater itself is so simple, I thought I could go ahead and use a fancy button.

So, the basic rundown: The pattern is the Slimline Jacket by Debbie Bliss which appears in her book Out of Town. I used the recommended yarn, Cashmerino Astrakhan in color 31011, and used almost all of 10 balls, even though the pattern called for 9. I don't remember which needle was recommended, but I used US7.

In other news, I finished the second Pirate Mitten today! It's blocking right now, and I am gearing up to make a vest for my nephew using the Cashmerino Aran I had bought to make the Astrakhan Cardigan from VogueKnitting. I'm getting down into the depths of the basket, and can't wait to head down to the stash to fill it back up to the top!


Ellen said...

It came out so nice! Well done! I love the way it is good for both work and casual wear....

tammy said...

Oh! Look how pretty it is! Excellent work, it fits you perfectly. So, what's next?

Anonymous said...

the jacket looks fantastic! i like how it only has two buttons--give it a less-structured look. great job :)

Amy said...

Oh, it looks *fantastic*!!!!

Once my wallet recovers from Stitches, I'm totally getting black to do one for myself.

Pioggia said...

Thanks for the warning about the Gloss. I checked the label, and it does say that it should be handwashed. Since I handwash many items I don't mind handwashing socks. I'll be extra careful with gloss. Your jacket looks great.

Marlena said...

Pioggia, The pilling in my socks occured before I even washed them. I might suggest not wearing them with shoes? Or not with loafers, maybe? And also, not to be gross, but they did felt a little at my heel and ball of my foot. The upside of that though, is felted fabric is durable, right?!