Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Yay for fall!

After my last post, things cooled down here considerably. It seemed as though Mother Nature was answering my plea for sweater weather, though I know we'll get at least another two weeks worth of scorching heat before fall finally arrives for good.

I expected I would be showing you progress on my cabled sweater dress, but I was destined to work on something else. How I do I know this? Because it seems that between the final edit of the magazine and when the issue arrived in my mailbox, the put up of Top of the Lamb changed, and I find myself with half as much yarn as I need. I could stamp my feet and curse the yarn lords, but instead I decided to cast on for something else.


I jumped into the fray and started Cobblestone, from the Fall '07 issue of IK. When I showed my boyfriend the photo of this sweater in the magazine, I kind of expected a lukewarm response. He tends to like plain pullovers, with maybe a half zipper and some ribbing. I was thrilled when he said he liked the sweater, and happy to see I had some appropriate yarn in my stash. I do hope that Jared forgives me for not using tweed.


kim said...

I loved that pattern. I need to sit down someday and figure out to modify it for ladeeez (er, okay, for me).

I think the non-tweed is very cool looking :)

Pioggia said...

If he likes it, go for it! Men are very picky when it comes to choosing patterns.

Shannon said...

That is a great color for that pattern. I bet he loves the finished product.

Emilee said...

It's cooling off here in CT too. I love it!