Sunday, November 07, 2010


The weather here has been mostly gray, windy, cold and wet. Sometimes it feels like it's rained every day since I got here, which I know isn't true. I suspect I just notice it more since I walk everywhere now. Still, on days when the view out of the window looks like this:


It's awfully nice to knit away on a project that looks like this:


I knew I was onto something when I chose this color! I have to give the dyers at J. Knits props, as this yarn has not been pooling at all. Even on the bottom of the foot, there are gradual stripes coming off of the heel turn, but no unsightly blotches. The colors in general blend together quite nicely. I think I could have even done a stockinette sock in this yarn. Of course, this is sock #1. We'll see if sock #2 cooperates in the same way.

I've been working myself silly for school, trying to get ahead in both of my classes. Next weekend I'll be in Austin, TX to visit a friend (and finally meet my goddaughter), and then two weeks later is Thanksgiving. When I have the opportunity to spend time with friends and family, I hate to have work looming over my head. After Thanksgiving, there are only about three weeks left in the semester, and then a beauteous month stretches before me. Seems like a good time to knock out a sweater. Question is, which one?

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Pioggia said...

Yat for sunny socks!