Saturday, October 30, 2010

See My Vest!

As I rounded the corner to the finish line on this project, the same song repeated endlessly in my head:

To the best of my knowledge, no puppies were harmed in the making of this vest.


To recap: This is the Wood Hollow Vest by Kirsten Kapur, knitted in Cascade 220 in... uh... pale gray. Oh wait! I have a label! It's color number 8401, Silver Gray. I used US 5 and 6 needles, as recommended by the pattern. I recklessly did not do a gauge swatch. Rebel!


I really liked working on this project. The cable repeats are all divisible by four, so although they're varying heights, it's still easy to keep track. After a few repeats, I didn't even need to refer to the pattern anymore, which really helped with speed. I love the texture in the side panels. I love that the finished garment feels heavy and sturdy and looks rustic with the cables, but doesn't add a lot of bulk, and compliments dainty puffed sleeves. It's versatile, I can see myself wearing this a lot this winter, with everything from long sleeved oxfords to turtlenecks to plain t-shirts. The vest and I went out to lunch today and I wore it as shown with a cropped motorcycle jacket and boots and felt very fashionable and together. I can also report with authority after my long windy walk that this vest is warm! I highly recommend it.

The greatest thing about vests? NO SLEEVES! It was so nice to finish the front and back and get right to seaming. I always struggle with sleeves. Do I knit them both at once? Do I make them first and then do the body? Do I knit the front then the sleeves then the back? The sleeves are always sitting there in the pattern glowing neon orange up at the knitter tedium ahead, save yourself, turn back now! Oh, I suppose I'm being melodramatic, but still. Notice I've not yet casted on a sweater, although I have several at the top of my queue. Instead, I've entered sock country.


Now, there are knitters out there who find nothing worse than the prospect of a second sock. To each their own! This yarn is J. Knits Superwash in Florida, which I bought a hundred years ago at Purl Diva with the intention of making some jaunty socks for a gray February. Maybe it's the snack sized Snickers talking, but doesn't this yarn look like candy corn? Whenever I wear these, I'll think of October. The pattern is theHourglass Eyelet by Cindy Putnam. This is a former MagKnits pattern, now available at Ravelry (which is where the link takes you). I'm only one repeat in, but these seem like they're going to be quick and fun.

I'm still scheming over some hats, but I'm getting stymied looking for yarn. It was a lot easier when I had china cabinets or shelving for the stash. Right now it's housed in totes, which is trying. Most of them are clear, but still! That only means I can see what's on the outer edges. Who knows what treasures lurk within? I'm thinking about forcing myself to just work through one tote at a time. It would certainly be more manageable!

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love love love the vest!