Thursday, April 28, 2005

Still kicking!

Well, we're pretty much moved into the new place, but we don't have Internet access yet, so I'm unable to post from home. I solved my yarn storage dilemma in a wonderful way: I used the china cabinet in the dining room! It's so inspiring to see all those colors and textures on display! Of course I took pictures. Once we have my computer set up and Internet access, I will share.

Work continues on the Ribby Cardi in spurts. When we began moving in ernest, I had just started the sleeves. I am only about halfway up the sleeves (which I am knitting together, bien sur). It's been so chilly here lately, I might even get a chance to wear it when it's finished. I still have to choose a zipper for it.

T's niece had a baby recently, and since I've made booties and hats for her brother's children, work must begin on a set for her little girl. I bought the yarn awhile ago, intending to start them before the baby was born and get ahead of the game, but alas, my middle name is procrastination.

Hopefully pictures will come soon, and maybe even a new project! I bought yarn while I was on vacation... enough for another ChicKami!

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Pioggia said...

It's good to see you're settling down... I can't wait to see your yarn in the china cabinet, what a sight that must be.