Saturday, May 07, 2005

Finally Connected!

I'm finally connected to the Internet here at home, and can now bring you pictures!

First up, some proof that knitting has been happening over here.

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The body and fronts of the Ribby Cardi are done! I still need to pick up for the front bands, which I hate doing.

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The sleeves are also done! You know what this means, it's almost time to get some seaming done!

You might be thinking that since it's May, it's going to be too warm to wear my Ribby Cardi when it's finished. Au contraire, mes amis, my apartment is freezing. I'm tempted to make mittens to wear around the house! I only hope this frigid air sticks around in the summer.
Oh, silly me, speaking of the cold, I have a new project!

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I started a pair of socks when I finished the fronts of the cardigan, since I just couldn't face picking up stitches. I'm using some Regia sock yarn in a colorway named after clowns which I looked for for months. I think some nice wool socks are just what I need for keeping my toes from developing frostbite.

For my final photo, I promised I would share my stash storage, and I will not disappoint!

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All of our dishes fit on one measley shelf in this cupboard, and so T suggested I use the space for my yarn. I admitted that I had considered it as a yarn storage space already. The shelves are deep, so my entire stash fits in there with room to spare [insert maniacal, stash enhancing laughter here], and the doors are glass, so I can see my stash at all times. I decided to make those socks next because the yarn kept catching my eye every time I walked by the cupboard. I love it!

So now that I'm connected at home, I will update more frequently and with more photos. I plan to start another project this weekend (or maybe sometime this week); the Zippy cardigan from the Berroco website, using Lullaby.

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Pioggia said...

Having your yarn behind a glass door is a great idea. Each time I dig into my closet I am reminded of yarns I had already forgotten. Good luck with seaming. I also tend to postpone the finishing.