Monday, May 23, 2005

Nearing the finish line!

Over the last week, I seamed up my Ribby Cardi. Here she is, so far, modelled by Betty:

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When I first started this sweater, I thought I would do the large collar in the pink yarn. Now that I see it all put together, though, I think I'll do the rolled collar instead. I plan to make a solid version of this summer, and will probably use the larger collar on that. I still have to pick up stitches for one front band. I forgot that I frogged one of them, because the stitches were too tight and were warping the fabric. I'm taking my sweet time on this sweater now, since I probably won't be able to wear it when it's finished. I'd like to think it'll be too hot outside.

I casted on for the Zippy Cardigan this weekend. The back took me no time at all:

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I'm using the suggested yarn, Berroco Lullaby. While it's incredibly soft (it rivals, though is not quite as soft as, Wendy Velvet Touch), it also sticks to my, shall we say, less than girlish hands. I have dry skin anyway, add to that my finger biting habit and you have lots of little places for a soft yarn to catch. Putting on hand cream helps for a bit. I guess it's just more incentive to leave my fingers be. As soon as the Zippy Cardigan is finished, I plan to cast on for another baby sweater using the Mission Falls cotton I got (cabled, I think). My friend is due in August, so I have some time to get these done, but I'd prefer to not be rushing. Besides, baby sweaters are so fun! When else can you finished a complicated cable design in a weekend? Of course, that's only if you don't use sport weight yarn.

Well, off to work!

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Pioggia said...

Congratulations on your progress with the ribbed cardigan. You're right, baby sweaters almost qualify as instant gratification.