Friday, September 23, 2005

One Week to Go!

[we interrupt this knitting blog for an important bulletin.]

Each year, I walk in the Alzheimer's Association's Memory Walk. I work with people who have Alzheimer's Disease, and it's a tough disease to watch. It's a lonely, isolating disease, which strips people of the ability to communicate, because they forget how to form sentences and, eventually, words. It's difficult for families because the person they've known and loved for their entire lives is sometimes completely different, and oftentimes progresses to a point where they forget who they are. Alzheimer's Disease is so much more than leaving the oven on, or forgetting how to get home. It's a slow-motion forgetting of everything a person has learned since birth, right down to losing the ability to hold up their own head, if they survive the disease for that long. I feel grateful to know the people I do, and find joy in making them happy in any small way I can. My greatest wish though, is for this disease to be eradicated. The Alzheimer's Association is taking steps toward that goal, too, and that's why I walk for them every year.

This year, I signed up to accept online donations, and decided to post my sponsor page here. If you can help me reach my goal, I will be so grateful. Thank you for your support!

(ETA: The walk is on October 1!)

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