Saturday, October 22, 2005

Ah, the sweet kiss of fall....

Today is a beautiful day. It's a crisp 45 degrees (F), which means I'll be able to wear my Cafe Bastille Cables sweater when we go pick out pumpkins, and I began the day with pancakes and sausage. Can't get much better than that! I want to knit everything I see and knit all the time. I'm going to have to devise a way to get more portable with my knitting. Seeing as I have plans for wee mittens and hats coming up, that shouldn't be so hard.

I finished the body of the toddler sweater, seamed the shoulders, knitted on the collar and wove in the ends before beginning the sleeves. One sleeve down, and I expect the second will follow soon. I plan to attach the sleeve and weave in the ends before I even start the second sleeve. I love the yarn I'm using, Artful Yarns Jazz. (I'm using color 55, Miles... and I would just like to point out that I paid nowhere near $22 for it!)

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Even though it makes me sneeze, and if I hold it up to my face it's like itching powder, I can still recognize that this is a soft yarn with great body. It's more of an aran weight than worsted; I'm using US7 needles (the Addis... I still prefer Inox), and getting about 4 stitches per inch. The sweater is thick and cozy. I decided not to make the sleeves with rolled cuffs because it's about a size too big for the boy, and I think ribbed cuffs are easier to roll up.

So the deal is, once I finish this sweater, I will cast on for some mittens (probably using the leftover yarn), and always have either mittens or a hat going while I work on sweaters. I have several things to attend to, including finishing my Ribby Cardi, sewing a zipper into Zippy, and ripping back Rogue so I can fix the throat cable. I would really like to have Rogue completed by Christmas for a present. I only have one other knitted Christmas gift planned, a shawl for my Gram. My most pressing deadline right now is to finish at least one baby sweater by November 12 for a baby shower. Because I don't anticipate any problems, the project will probably be rife with them. Stay tuned!


Sand said...

Love the color of your nephew's sweater - hope it's a good day for knitting where you are! :) And thanks for the compliment on Monet's was fun to design but execution was sloooow. *waves*

Pioggia said...

It seems that you'll be done in no time with that little sweater. Sorry about your allergies. I was finally able to take a look at the Astrakhan. It is gorgeous indeed.

Becky said...

That sweater is looking very good...the color is perfect.

P.S. I prefer Addis to Inox, and Inox are easier to get here. Am I fickle, or what? Hee!