Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Much Better

Knowing that between moving and family stuff, my life is going to be pretty complicated this month, I decided to cast on for something decidedly uncomplicated.

Changing to US1 needles helped a lot. The fabric is firmer, the stitches are neater, and, perhaps best of all, no polka dots. This project is probably going to stretch on, but I'll try to find some distractions. I'm packing up the stash tonight, and I left out the yarn for the Astrakhan Cardigan. You know, just in case.


Pioggia said...

Oh, the joy of packing-moving-and-unpacking. I hope it goes smoothly.

Becky said...

Good luck with that packing and moving. And you know what? Sometimes knitting something on teeny needles is the perfect kind of break :-)