Saturday, March 18, 2006

Crazy Times

Sometimes I feel like we'll be moving forever! Seriously, though... our furniture was delivered today so now I'm about a hundred times more excited about moving all the way into our new place! Keeping my priorities straight, my yarn has already been moved. I cleaned out the stash a bit, donating some yarn, and putting some up on eBay. Once I nail down yarn storage in the new pad, I'll be able to start stash enhancement activities again, but for now it's all about minimalism.

Speaking of minimalism... I've had minimal time to work on my sock!

I turned the heel last night, and haven't been able to knit even one measly round today. Ah, well. The colors and the way they're knitting up please me, and I don't even mind the cotton so much. These socks are the perfect knitterly retreat when it seems like everything is happening at once.

Of course, I also have non-knitterly retreats:

Enjoying some delicious all-natural chicken dog treats after some strenuous (pea) fishing.

and Miss. "I don't care what you think you were about to do, I need some attention right now"

(PS: I'm going to be adding some knitting magazines to eBay tomorrow. Mostly Knitter's.)


Sara said...

The bunny picture made me laugh... and I adore those socks. What lovely yarn!

watershed said...

oh I love the bunny- we had one when I was a kid that looked a lot like that. His name was Gorby and he was box trained and would just hop around. He would snuggle with us on the couch, and he would sleep at night with my brother. He would clean my brother's head during the night so in the morning his hair would be plastered down to his head with bunny spit. so cute!

Pioggia said...

Good luck with your move. I hope your rodents don't get stressed out at their new home

Becky said...

Good luck with your move, Marlena. And you know I love the bunny picture, right?