Friday, April 07, 2006

Picture-Free Post

Well, we have all of our stuff in our new apartment. Girls have adjusted nicely, though Mrs. Cooper doesn't think much of her exile from the living room. It's only temporary, until we get some boxes out of there. Rattie girls are happy in their new cage, and enjoy exploring the bedroom while supervised. Eunice has again shown her love of yarn by continually climbing into a laundry basket full of yarn I have in there. Doesn't sound like much, but she has to scale the vertical ledge of a cardboard box to get to the basket.

We so much enjoyed having the yarn on display in the china cabinet in the old place (yes, the boyfriend liked it too), that we are in talks about getting a hutch or glass-fronted cabinet for my yarn. Until then, I'm thinking of getting a few of those canvas things that hang in closets to hold sweaters and shoes. We have an extra closet (ooh, the luxury), and I think it would a convenient spot for yarn. Speaking of yarn, I would be remiss if I didn't at least mention WEBS' huge annual sale, going on now! Yes, I am stash enhancing when my stash doesn't even have a proper home yet! I have my eye on some more 220, some Classic Elite cotton, and some Cathay. I'm trying to spread out the purchases, since I have a vacation coming in May, and then a long weekend in June (in Vegas!), to save up for. I did go ahead and order enough Plymouth Encore for a blanket I'm planning to make (for the happy couple getting married in Vegas in June), but it turns out it's backordered, so my responsible plan of getting that which must be used first has been torn to shreds. I won't see the yarn until May. Good thing you have a year to send off a wedding gift!

That first sock is finished, and it fits so nice and snug! I casted on immediately for the second sock, I can't wait to wear them! I did take a photo of a hat I made some time ago that needs to be felted, but the card reader is in a box somewhere. My knitting plans are as follows:
1. Finish second sock
2. Felt hat, send off to friend (I would like to do this in time for Easter)
3. Sew zipper into Ribby Cardi already! (Must find zipper)
4. Start Astrakhan cardigan
5. Buy yarn for a sweater I plan to make for my mom for her Christmas gift! (That's right! No more sneaking up on this chick!)

As soon as I find the card reader, I'll regale you with some photos. Perhaps even some photos of finished stuff!


Pioggia said...

Glad you like your new place. Hopefully we'll get some pictures soon.

tammy said...

Yay! I'm glad the move went well and that the beasties are adjusting so well.

Have a great weekend. :)

amy said...

Welcome back! And here's to your fabulous new place.