Sunday, April 16, 2006

Somebunny is being awfully bratty.

And it's not me! Today is Mrs. Cooper's birthday (of course, we don't know for sure the DATE of her birthday, but we do know she was born on Easter), and she has been making her queen status clear all day. Hay has been flung, ankles have been nipped, extra-special salad (with grapes AND cranberries) has been eaten. She is done being the birthday girl:

You might think that my bunny talk is a clever ruse to distract you from lack of knitting content. You would be mistaken! While I actually knit this item some time ago, last weekend (was it that long ago already) this object went from this:

To this:

I felted the hat by hand, which actually wasn't bad. The only felting experience I had prior was with Kureyon and believe you me, that yarn does not want to felt. This hat was made using Cascade 220 which felted like a dream. There is zero stitch definition in this hat. I did notice that the light blue portion took longer to felt than the charcoal gray, but I've heard that lighter colors are like that. I plan to make one of these for myself, too. Would you like to make one? I am also officially amped to do a felted Bottoms Up Bucket Hat (though the "Bottoms Up" seems to be unnecessary now, as there appears to be only one bucket hat pattern available).

Work on the sock continues. I just have about half the foot left! I'm pretty excited about wearing them; the one that's finished is very comfortable. In other news, I had a pleasant surprise on Friday when the yarn for the wedding blanket arrived! I'm using Plymouth Encore (which I've heard referred to as "the cream of the crap"), which I've never used before. It's okay, but I can really feel the acrylic. I don't think a non-knitter would even notice it, though, as the yarn is fairly soft. I only have one repeat of one square completed (out of twenty squares!), so I'll spare you the photos. Hopefully next time I post I'll have another finished sock, a Ribby Cardi, and a completed square. The race is on! Want to bet on whether I'll have the blanket done by the June 15th wedding in Vegas?


Emma said...

That hat is adorable! Hope Mrs. Cooper had a good birthday. She certainly looks exhausted.

Pioggia said...

Great hat. I'm glad Mrs. Cooper had a nice birthday. About that blanket, trust a non-knitter to throw it in the washer and dryer, so acrylic is the perfect choice.

becky said...

Happy Birthday to the Queen, a.k.a. Mrs. Cooper. We love bunnies over here, so Mrs. C has star status.

The photos of you in the bottom's up hat are PRICELESS. And you've got such a fab finished hat to show for it! The little bow around the brim is very retro, and the colorway is poifect. I LIKE!

tammy said...

Loving the hat. We got a front loading washer last year and I haven't felted since. I'm under the understanding that it does not work so well in these. What instructions did you use to do handfelting? Did it take days? Were you afraid you'd have Popeye arms before you were done?