Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Well, whaddaya know?

I have some new socks!!

Just plain old socks using Sockotta in the brown colorway (can't find the tag at the moment). These socks are incredibly comfortable. I love them and never want to take them off. By the end of the second sock, the yarn was feeling a little like string because of the cotton content. Also because of the cotton content, I went down to a US1 from my standard US2 for these babies and have subsequently seen the light! I will always use US1s with fingering weight from now on, because these socks hug my feet like a Mercedes hugs curves.

Now if I could just find the zipper to that cardigan, I'll be on a roll!


Pioggia said...

Great job! I always go one size under because I knit very loosely.

Amy said...

Those are excellent! Is the yarn soft, too?

Oh, and I seem to recall you knitting Branching Out in the past. What was the weight of the yarn you used for it? I'm considering it in Artyarns Silk Rhapsody.