Saturday, April 29, 2006


I am mere rows away from being 25% done with the afghan. (Let's not speak of the border yet, shall we?)

Square #3!

Square #4!

Square #5 is still on the needles, and I didn't get a picture before I left the apartment in search of an Internet connection. I was afraid I would get sick of doing squares, even by now. Years ago, I tried to do a cabled throw that used different squares, but I completely abandonned it. I have theories as to why: 1. Each square was not unique. Instead, the pattern asked to have about seven different squares repeated. Bo-Ring. 2. Every single square was cabled (duh, "Cabled Throw"), and I got sick of all the cabling. This afghan is different because each square goes quickly, so I feel like I'm accomplishing something, and each square is unique, so I'm not gettting bored. Plus, I choose twenty squares out of over 70 options, so I can choose whatever I feel like doing. It doesn't seem like such a long shot that I may get this done before the wedding.

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Pioggia said...

Hey, I never thought of that advantage, the one about choosing whatever square you want to knit. I avoid afghans but maybe I shouldn't.