Sunday, April 23, 2006

Oh, the things we do to blog!

After a fruitless search for an open wireless connection, I ended up here at work where I know the WEP passphrase and can log on with my own computer (which has my pictures), and make a weekend post. It's called dedication, people.

Work progresses on the afghan:

Square #1!

Square #2!

I've since finished square 2, so the next time you see that one will be in the finished blanket! I love the eyelet patterns in the book best, and it's a good thing. I was able to get these two squares out of one ball of Encore. I think I'll still order more though, just to be on the safe side.

The pattern calls for the afghan to have a crocheted border, but I'm thinking of hitting up Knitting over the Edge for other ideas. I know my fellow knitters will understand when I confess that last night I had a nightmare about... crocheting. I dreamt I had to crochet something (I wish I could remember what), and I ended up with a skinny, mangled piece of yarn twisted like a pulled-apart slinky after hours of effort. II think my subconscious may be telling me something.

Amy asked in the comments to my last post about my Branching Out scarf. I used GGH Mystik which I got from my secret pal, Parikha. The finished scarf does not hold it's shape, and the pattern overall is a little lost. That was the effect I was after, however, kinda rumpled old professor, kinda street urchin, kinda fashion model. Hope that helps!


Amy said...

I'm completely in love with that second square! The finished afghan will be gorgeous, I'm sure. And I think looking up a knitted edge is a fine idea.

The Branching Out question was to get an idea whether I could do the scarf in a worsted weight yarn. I see the Mystik is DK weight. Hm. (I'm trying to figure out what to do with some Silk Rhapsody... I'll bring it on Wed!)

Pioggia said...

Lace! Cables! I hope the recipients realiza how much work this represents.