Wednesday, March 01, 2006


If you'll forgive kind of shoddy picture quality (I had to catch the last shreds of daylight), I'll go ahead and post the pictures of my freshly finished Rogue!

Project Specs: Pattern: Rogue, by Jenna Wilson
Yarn: Elann's Peruvian Collection Highland Wool, a little less than 14 skeins

Wanna see another shot of the hood?

I can't believe that I started this sweater in September! No wonder I feel like I've been working on it forever! The pattern is fun, so I do plan to make another someday, though only after I knit down my stash a little bit. I don't have any yarn at present that I'd like to use. I would love to see this sweater in Peace Fleece (especially if it were hanging in my closet). As for the yarn, I like it. I'm not scrambling to pick up more, but it was very nice to knit. It felt soft under my fingers, and behaved very well. Zero splitting, tangling or pilling. The finished sweater still makes me feel a little itchy, but hell, everything does. I'm just cursed like that.

I went to take pictures of the pre-felted hat I made, but when I picked it up I realized I haven't woven in the ends yet. So I'll do that tonight, and you'll have pictures soon.


tammy said...

Wow. That turned out gorgeous. Give yourself a huge pat on the back and go buy yourself something pretty!

I'm inspired. I must start mine soon so that I can have for fall.

parikha said...

Marlena, Rogue looks great! Congratulations on finishing--it must be so satisfying to know that it's finally off the needles.

Pioggia said...

Congratulations! Being a slow knitter, I don't think that five or six months is too long for a hooded sweater.

Anonymous said...

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Jenifer said...

You did such a great job!!