Monday, March 07, 2005

Picture-free post

I'm usually not a big fan of text-only posts, but I felt like taking pictures of my WIPS would be a little redundant, since you've already seen sleeve one of the cardigan, and I'm not even done with that first glove yet (I prefer to work on it when I can bug T to try it on every few rounds to get a perfect fit). I'm so close to done with the cardigan. (Only about 64 more rounds to go! And they get smaller every time!)

My most exciting purchase of the weekend? A proper iron that actually steams instead of just misting, so I can try out steam blocking. I am very excited to test it out on the cardigan!

My mind is already wandering to future projects. Ribby Cardi is definately next, but the big question is what will I knit it in? I have some wool lined up, but with spring on the way (don't shatter my dreams here, people), a cotton cardigan might get more immediate wear. I'd like to use Lion Brand's Cotton-Ease, but it is absolutely impossible to find around here (probably has something to do with my obsession with it). I won four skeins on eBay, enough for another chickami (my absolute favorite tank), but I'm not able to find enough on eBay for a cardigan. The craft stores around here suck, and the only half-decent one is at least forty-five minutes away, not including finding parking. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

hi, did you know lion brand puts out their own catalog now which i believe you can order directly from. i gave mine away or i would send it to you. you can order a catalog from

Anonymous said...

You can also try for the Cotton-Ease--they often have promotions for free shipping on orders over $25, which is a plus. For other types of yarn, try ; their prices are pretty reasonable for the "house" yarn. I made my Ribby in the Peruvian Highland Wool, and while it looks nice and felt OK in my hands as I was knitting, it now feels pretty itchy on my arms.

Just my two cents' worth :)

-Your secret pal

Pioggia said...

I'm not that crazy about cotton-ease myself, it pills quite a bit. I like using 100% mercerized cotton, though it's usually not machine washable.

Alexandra said...

Fellow Cotton-Ease fan here. You can order it from, like somebody else said, or, or There's also TLC Cotton Plus, which I have not seen in person but has the same fiber content as Cotton-Ease and is supposed to be exactly the same.