Saturday, December 31, 2005

Knittin' right along

With the holiday crush over, I've been very much enjoying some knitting for me. Of course, I'm going to give Rogue away when it's finished, but I don't consider it gift knitting, since there's no deadline, and I very much enjoy working on it. I took some pictures yesterday, before I started knitting, to take advantage of some natural light.

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Since I took this photo, I finished the front, and grafted the two shoulders together. I'm trying to decide if I want to start the hood next, or get a start on the sleeves, since I hate them so.

It's not yet gotten truly frigid in these parts, but I reminded myself early this year that I have a thrummed mitten kit that I bought years ago, sitting in my stash. Since the mittens I've worn for about four years now sprang a hole last spring, I intended to make myself mittens this year. May as well learn something new while I'm at it!

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The roving provided with this kit is so soft. I can not wait to wear these in the frigid cold of February (not that I won't be done with them by then, I hope!).

The lady I bought this kit from is so nice. I went to a big craft fair when I first started knitting, thinking they would have yarn there. Alas, everything was already made. Just when I despaired of ever finding any yarn, my boyfriend (side note: how awesome is my boyfriend that he actually attends this stuff with me and doesn't complain, even once) pointed out a small stall with yarn hanging inside. The woman sitting there was making a pair of these mittens. We talked about yarn for awhile, and she told me about how she gets her Colinette at good prices for resale, and she demonstrated thrumming. I was intrigued and bought a kit. I'd never knitted in the round before, and was intimidated by the idea of mittens, so I didn't make them that first winter. Then the last few years, I just haven't really needed new mittens, until February when I always wish I had these mittens all knitted. Well, this year my wish will come true! As an added bonus, I should have extra roving left, which will be perfect for the ratties. As you can see, Eunice loves a nice handknit:

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Happy New Year!

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Pioggia said...

That's nice of you to share your rovings with the li'l ones. If you hate sleeves as much as I do, getting started on one may be a good idea. Or are you planning on knitting both sleeves at the same time?