Sunday, January 15, 2006

Rogue gone wild!

I seem to have misplaced my card reader (this will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me), so I can't post pictures of my progress. As soon as I lay my hands on the dratted thing, I will. In the interim, I will say that I have happily finished one sleeve, and am about, I guess, halfway through the hood of Rogue. This baby might be in the mail next month! I am loving the hood. It's pretty, and the construction is pretty neat. I've heard some alarming things about the finished hood (the word "pointy" comes to mind), but I'm not going to worry myself about it now. The cold weather is returning, I have three and a half more seasons of Buffy to knit to, and I'm knitting things I like and want to knit, sans deadline.

Speaking of cold weather (weren't we?), I have decided which hat pattern I will use to knit my Malabrigo. It's the Army Girl Earflap hat (.pdf), which I have been admiring since I first laid eyes on it. The boyfriend likes it, too, so maybe he'll get one of his own (though we'll call that one the Army BOY earflap). In a different color, of course. This hat will look awesome with the WWII officer's jacket I'm sporting as a winter coat, it's even a nice olive green color. I'm undecided as to whether I'll cast on tonight for the hat, the second thrummed mitten (still in yarn form, I'm afraid), or continue working on Rogue. Stay tuned! I've got plans to clear this desk tonight, and the card reader is bound to turn up sometime.


Johnny Stiletto said...

i love the army girl earflap hat; i whipped one up in about a day out of some leftover lamb's pride. it goes really quickly and easily and fits like a dream.

Pioggia said...

That hat looks great. Now that I live in California I have no use for hats, though.