Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sick of Rogue yet?

I'm about ten rows (in a convoluted way) from finishing the hood of Rogue.

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I'm a teensy bit concerned about yarn. I have three complete balls of yarn and one partial ball left. If I remember correctly (oh, why oh why can I not be bothered to take notes?), I used two balls on the one sleeve I've made already. Cross your fingers for me. I think if I make it, I'll be cutting it close.

As I've said before, I love working on Rogue. I also like to finish stuff, though! With that in mind, I dragged out the Malabrigo last night and swatched for the Army Girl hat. I picked the right needle on my first try! (I never swatch with the suggested needle size, because I almost always have to go down.) Even making the swatch was heaven, the yarn was so soft! I can see that I'll have to start saving up for a sweater's worth.

I picked up the new Vogue Knitting yesterday. I thought that they had some interesting stuff, but not much that I can see myself making.. I did, however, add two patterns to my queue right away. I gotta say, I've never been a big fan of bobbles, but they have some very cute, bobbleicious stuff in this issue.

I flipped through a couple of other knitting magazines at the bookstore, but all the patterns were hideous. I can justiy buying a magazine if there are only one or two patterns I like, but it seems as though, increasingly, the patterns are either grotesque or too simple to justify buying a pattern for. Good thing I have a healthy reserve of patterns! I'm thinking I should get back into collecting vintage patterns, as well.


Pioggia said...

I do hope you can finish with the yarn you have left. I quit buying patterns a long while ago... the public library provides me with enough inspiration.

Pioggia said...

I'm tagging you with the fours meme.