Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Woo hoo! A mid week update!

No, I don't have pictures, but I do have a mid-week update! Spurred on by the new year and all the fabulous knitterly opportunities open to me, I finished up and blocked my Ribby Cardi, the same day that Bonne Marie posted about the same sweater! I have two issues with it. Well, maybe three. 1. I made the tall collar, which I thought looked nicest, but it's a bit on the floppy side, and you can see where I picked up stitches in the front. I believe that if I had bound off using another method, the collar would spread more, and I would be placated. So, the sweater is not officially done. I have some tweaking to do (also, see #3). 2. I don't have a zipper yet. I'm going to te store to get one tomorrow. Cross your fingers for me, it's my first zipper. 3. When I blocked it, I somehow managed to wang out the front panels, so one is longer than the other. I think another block (flat this time, instead of the lazy "hang it in front of the radiator" method) will even things out. I wore it for awhile though in its imperfect state, and I LOVE it. I can see that I will be wearing this cardigan a lot.

Bolstered by my (near) success with the Ribby Cardi, I decided to sew the zipper into the Zippy Cardigan already. Even though the baby I made it for has certainly outgrown it, there is another baby being born shortly who can use it as well. Tragedy struck when I realized that I had not bought a separating zipper all those months ago. It's really too bad, the color is perfect. So, I will be purchasing two zippers tomorrow.

Work is stalled on the thrummed mittens (still only one). It's hard to get motivated for super warm mittens when it's 40 degrees outside. As for Rogue, I haven't worked much on that either. But at least I've not cast on for anything new! I'm just trying to clear the roster for '06.

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Pioggia said...

Good luck with those zippers. Will we be getting pictures soon?