Thursday, July 20, 2006

Bad Blogger!

I forgot my camera cord at home, so I can't show you the fabulousness of Grumperina's Jaywalkers in Opal Tiger yarn. As I suspected, the zig-zagging of the sock pattern creates a nice, tiger-y effect. I am loving the pattern! It's fun to do, and as usual with self-striping yarn, I love watching the pattern emerge. I'm already eyeing the sock stash and wondering what other yarns I have would be suitable for this pattern.

Next time I'll remember my camera cord! I'm still looking for a suitable pattern for the Sirdar Breeze. I can't seem to get any more than 5 stitches per inch, and all the patterns I find need either 6 per inch or 4. Fortunately, Bonne Marie has many patterns in that gauge. Perhaps I'll do another ChicKami, or maybe Sitcom Chic (I've been meaning to make that for awhile now!). Another pattern I've been meaning to make (and already own) is Gigi, but Cutaway is pretty cute, too. Oh, decisions! (Can you tell I'm a Bonne Marie fan?)

I hate to have an entirely pictureless post, so I'll go ahead and tack on some belated photos from my yarn expedition to WEBS with Amy.

My companions, Amy and her incredibly adorable and well behaved son, J. I think her baby-carrying device is brilliant! Not only does she get to keep in close contact with her child, but look at all the yarn she can carry with two hands versus one! Amy's always been a multi-tasker.

The spoils. See that wee pile off to the right? That's my stuff. The rest is all Amy's! She was a shopping dynamo! Please keep in mind that she was really Christmas shopping, she really isn't a crazy yarn hoarder (that's my job).

Next time I post I'll show those fabulous tiger pictures. And maybe, just maybe, that Sirdar will tell me what it wants to be.


Pioggia said...

My, it does seem like a lot of yarn for just one shopping expedition. I sometimes regret beeing too frugal.

Becky said...

I'm a huge B-M fan, too. I want to make a chickami in KSH before fall comes.

I have a baby harness like your friend. I used to carry around Captain Destructo and do my shopping, hiking, etc. Easier to manage than a stroller.